Sunday, May 3, 2009

Intel, Processors Environmentally Friendly

    Intel Corp.. developing a new microprocessor technology with Hi-K materials, ie materials with high dielectric constant values, and free Pb (lead). Meeting representing the dielectric constant of electrostatic flux in a material when given electric potential. Dielectric constant is a parameter in a variety of electronic devices, especially transistors. The higher the K value of the capacity of the larger transistor. So when is off, the current still came out very little while when you're on, the flow comes out very large. Therefore, the Hi-K material then the processor performance will improve. 

   Then the lead. Lead has long been used in the manufacture of the processor as an alloy in Soldering process. But the lead is one of the heavy metals and hazardous materials that can harm human and environmental damage. Therefore the use of lead should not happen, so to look for solutions to overcome the problems of lead. Research Intel Corp.. find a replacement lead, the tin - silver - copper solder (lead free). The benefits of these materials is leburnya points higher than lead, which is 220oC, the value of increased strength, and also environmentally friendly. Therefore, the Pb-free this can improve the performance of a processor and also friendly to the environment. Remembering the ultimate goal of technology, namely to save life on earth, not shorten the life of the earth. 

Muhammad hilmy Alfaruqi 
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