Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Big 5 Doomsday Scenario "2012"

While the end was not possible in the year 2012, only Allah knows, behind it, are five possible scenarios that could end human life in this world. Foreign Policy gives five possibilities that could be "the end" real. What else?
How did this happen? Objects from space have an impact on the earth all the time. Usually they are burned in the atmosphere. Tunguska event in 1908 in the Siberian forest with a blast of about 1000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb had caused the damage of 2,000 square miles. Equal to the damage of a large metropolitan city.
How likely is it? Another large object hit the earth would have eventually, but not so sure. Every one million years, the object which hit the earth. According to NASA, the closest possible only in the year 2880.

2. Climate Disaster
How did this happen? Under worst-case scenario predicted by the International Panel on Climate Change, global surface temperature of Earth could increase by 4-5 degrees Celsius by the end of this century. Such a scenario would lead to increased sea levels up to five feet, flooding coastal areas, including many of the big cities of the world. Meanwhile, nearly a third of the planet could be desert and more than half will experience a drought.
How likely is it? According to the MIT global carbon levels currently at 380 parts per million, whereas the number was only 280 before the Industrial Revolution. Most scientists conclude that the impact of the disaster will begin to feel after going through the 450 level. Recent research by the National Aeronautics Oceanographic Administration shows that many impacts of climate change has not be changed.

How did this happen? Currently there are over 23,000 nuclear weapons in the world, and as many as 8000 in the operational and others are located at 2000 alert status and ready to be launched in a short time. Nuclear Doomsday has long been a popular subject for books and movies.
How likely is it? A study by ecologists at Rutgers University in 2007, found that the global nuclear inventory is still capable of destroying the global agriculture during the year causing famine for most of mankind.

4. Plague
How did this happen? Throughout history, evil has brought civilization to the level of the most rencah. Black Plague killed more than half the population of Europe in the Middle Ages. In 1918, an outbreak of flu killed an estimated 50 million people, almost 3 percent of the world's population, the impact of a much larger than the victims of World War I. Ebola virus has a mortality rate 90 per cent and so did HIV.
How likely is it? Treatment of disease has improved since 1918, but the disease is also more and more. Modern industrial farming techniques blamed for outbreaks of disease. More than 40 new viruses have emerged since the 1970s, including ebola and HIV. Biological weapons experimentation has added a new and just as disturbing complications.
5. Unknown
How did this happen? There are several theories of how human civilization ended. There is a natural: like the volcanoes that erupted as in Yellowstone National Park. Others are man-made: overpopulation causing a food crisis or the development of new technologies coincidence.
How likely is it? Sooner or later, the world will end. In about 5-8 billion years, according to astronomers' estimates, our sun will burn the hydrogen into helium and the sun will become a red giant hundreds of times from the current size, drag the earth to its inevitable destruction.
Five possible that only limited human invention. Allah scenario obviously much more unexpected. Resurrection may not happen in 2012, which is more important for us is to save his best deeds, because the big question that should always hang on our minds: where to live after this life?

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