Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nexus, The Latest User Interface from Sony Ericson

With an attractive UI display can determine how much the users at home using the existing devices. And of course there is a link between the presence of the device with a display dihadirkannya UI.

So did it with what is experienced by Sony Ericsson, the article after the Sony Ericsson brings a great device like mobile device Xperia Android-based X10, now is the time for presenting a user interface display to be juxtaposed New with these devices.

View the latest SE UX platform named Nexus. Nexus itself was introduced first time in the Android based mobile device Xperia X10. And not closed the possibility of the same thing will happen to the other Sony ericsson devices are planned to be realized in 2010 and 2011 that will come.

User Interface applications include signatures, charts display the latest UI and various levels of integration of services. Associated with the Sony stated that if the platform is designed for operation with the Android operating system and other platforms, although not specifically.

Sony Ericsson will collaborate with his colleagues, developers and operators to mengoptimisasikan and mengkostumisasikan Nexus itself. The aim of Nexus itself is only able to assist and manage all data, media and communication and how to find the data and that based on recent media habits and preferences of the users so far.

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