Friday, January 15, 2010

Apreciate What You Have

Appreciate What You Have
Written by: Anne Ahira
Yuni ever heard the story of Helen Kehler?
She is a woman who was born
the blind and deaf conditions.

Because the defect was experiencing, he could not
reading, seeing, and hearing. Well, dlm
conditions such as Helen Kehler was born.

No one wants
born in such conditions. If
Helen Kehler given the choice, would he be
choose to be born under normal circumstances.

But who would have thought, with all
shortcomings, he has a zest for life
extraordinary, and grow into a

With all its limitations, he was able to
provide motivation and passion for life
to those who have limitations
Besides, as disabled, blind and deaf.

He hoped, all people with disabilities such as
himself able to live a life like
other normal human being, although it was extremely difficult

There is a fantastic sentence ever
Helen Kehler said:

"It would be a blessing if each person
could be blind and Deaf for a few days
during his grown-up live. It would make
them see and appreciate their ability to
experience the joy of sound ".

In essence, according to him is a gift
if every org that has an adult
It has blind and deaf for a few days.

Thus, each person will be more
appreciate life, at least when

Now, try to imagine for a moment .... Yuni

Yuni ...... to be a blind
and deaf for two or three days only!
Close your eyes and ears during the period
it. Do not let yourself Yuni see
or heard anything.

For several days it Yuni could not
see the beauty of the world, Joey can not
see bright sun, blue sky, and
Yuni could not even enjoy the music / radio
and the favorite tv show!

How Yuni? Are some days heavy enough?
How about minus two or three hours?
I am sure this will remind everyone,
that how often we forgot to thank
for what we have. Perfection is
in us!

Often what happens in our lives is
complaint after complaint .... Until never
appreciate what we already have.

And could be, what we have is
luxury that can never be enjoyed
by others. Yes! Luxury for someone else!

Try Yuni think, how people who
does not have legs? So walking is a
incredible luxury for him.

Helen Kehler has said, if he
allowed to see one day, so he convinced
will be able to do many things, including
create an interesting writing.

From here we can take a lesson, if we
able to appreciate what we have, the things
existing within us, of course, we will
can see a better life.

We will rarely complain and rarely felt hard!
On the contrary, we will be able to think positively
and become a better human being.

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