Friday, January 1, 2010

Doing accumulation and stockpiling ASSET

Allah and His Messenger did not want to pile up and accumulate wealth, and encourage spending and threatens those who do not want to spend it. In Al-Baqarah verse 254: "O ye who believe, spend (of Allah) in part of the sustenance We have given you before the coming days on that day there was no longer trading and no longer intimate friendship and no more intercession. "is spending it. Similarly, in surah Al-Munaafiquun verse 10, "And spend of what We have given you before death comes to one of you; and he said, 'Oh my God, why have you not put off (death) until the time of my close , which causes me to give charity and I am among those pious? ". The Prophet said, "people who own gold and silver, while they do not give rights, then for him on the Day of Resurrection will be erected a stone from the fires of hell are heated in the Hell Fire, and will be ironed with the rock side dibagian, forehead and back. Each was cold, it will be repeated again to be heated. Day is a matter of time where fifty thousand years until the two were tried at the servants of God. Then, only then he knows to be headed the way, either to heaven or to hell. "(Muslim). Any form of property owned by the people, will be the punishment for him on the Day of Resurrection, if not issued Zakah, even though he pulled out due to other types of goods. This hadith contains a threat that is not hard to fulfill the right of punishment to count a very long time.

At one time there was someone who came to the Prophet and said: "O Messenger of Allah, charity is the greatest reward?" he said, "You alms in time you are in good health, and you are in a state of stingy because you feel afraid of the poor and always wanted to be rich. Do you procrastinate until when death has come in the throat you just said, 'To the So and so many, and for the so and so many, and for the so and so's. "(Bukhari). Of these hadith, the Prophet s.a.w. suggested charity in good health and in a state of stingy. This is because a lot of rich people are cheap to remove from what he owns as long as they are in good health; and always willing to eternal forever and they are afraid of being poor. Therefore, if anyone is able to resist and defeat the demons of his soul to get the reward of the Hereafter, verily he is the person who wins. Messenger s.a.w. also advocated for semasih property menginfakkan life, than done when it comes time to come death.

Instead of providing wealth in the way of Allah will be given a reward of paradise. The Word of God: "As for those who give (freely in the way of Allah) and fear and justify the best reward (heaven), then we will indeed make smooth for him the easy way. And as for those who grabber and felt himself quite well as gives the lie to the best, We will indeed make smooth for him (the way) is difficult. And, his wealth is not beneficial to him if he had perished. "(Al-Lail: 10).

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