Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tips For Avoiding ATM breaker

Lately a new modus operandi for the crimes in the cyber world, shocking the community Indonesia, How no crime was not spelled out new, take advantage of security holes in the ATM, but not the security system is an ATM machine but the omission of the party ATM provider in this case BANK. from the investigation of several interested parties, found that the perpetrators used a scanner and wrote a spy camera. The following are some tips I found from, at least this can meminimalis crime: 

1. Use only the chip card, if you have not provided bank chip card, you must ask for change and do not use for transactions before replaced. Rules of Bank Indonesia (BI) new, since January 2010 the official card and should be used only type of chip cards.

"Only, I have not confirmed whether this rule for credit cards only, or also for atm card? Should have all the cards issued by banks. If abroad, the ATM machine was not willing to accept non-chip cards," said Dita, his calling.

2. Protect the 3 digits code (CVV2) on the back of your card. Except for the authorization of transactions online, the code will never be used for conventional transactions at ATM machines, or on the counter EDC merchants. Close the 3 figures at the back of the card with stickers, whatever cellotape not transparent

3. Change your PIN as often as possible. Simple parameters, when you shave hair, change your socks (for starting the smell), or replace a toothbrush (because it was starting to wrinkle) or each time a check vehicle tire, it is time to replace your ATM card PIN. For example in a gas station, usually there is now an ATM machine, you can change your PIN when purchasing the fuel transaction.

"It's serious, the main enemy of the security problem is human behavior itself, habits, behavior, most break-ins occur because of the exploitation of social weaknesses, so-called social engineering," he said.

4. Never give information and personal data pins used for banking authorization to anyone for any reason, including the bank's customer service, such as mother's maiden name and others. Unless it believes that the procedure to go through. For now a lot of third parties (eg insurance companies) by reason of cooperation with the issuing bank, offering products in telemarketing and you are asked to give this personal information.

"Unfortunately, if it was not from telemarketing, but the syndicates fraud perpetrators, you never know and can not do cross check in this situation," continued Dita.

5. Be careful when receiving an offer from such telemarketing, because usually you have provided consent will be interpreted as a willingness to do auto ebet against your account. This is dangerous, better if less sure, you asked for more time to confirm the correct issuing bank if the bank had a partnership with the telemarketing and how the rules and risks.

"Or you might as well always reject the offer, or simply to know the name of the product and organizers who then actually your own initiative if the interest could be that behind the service providers contacted and asked to be served. This is much safer, although you need the active participation," said Dita.

6. Keep an eye on your card presence in the counter when the merchant, do not let the card be taken anywhere and swiped into a different machine many times. You better cancel the transaction and do not have to sign anything and report to the issuing bank when the suspect with the conditions in a counter merchants.

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