Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First Posting

Loving those Green Minutes

I had the pleasure this week of hearing a symposium in D.C. called "Growing a Green Community" where I heard something that’s stuck with me. "If we take the human benefits of contact with nature seriously, then what you want to do is build in more green minutes each day."

Exactly, and nWintergarden2_1o one has to convince us gardeners of the benefits of being in nature. And while lately "green" has become the popular metaphor for harmony with nature, this time of year we appreciate the subtler colors of winter - the point again being to just experience nature. I remembered that when I was "checking my garden" this morning in the subfreezing air. Skiers and winter campers may not tempt me to join them but they inspire me nonetheless.

You may be interested to know the answer proposed by the speaker: "That means either bringing green into the places that people are spending a lot of time — those retail areas that are intensely used could be greener - and then also finding ways of pulling people into parks and the green spaces."

It’s exciting that people are thinking this way, and finally starting to be heard by the powers that be.