Thursday, January 4, 2018

Runwheel QX1 Carbon Black

Bought my QX1 hoverboard at official runwheel store in my town.

I've been wanting this stuff for long time as I remember (watched review, do and don'ts riding runwheel videos, unboxing videos and etc, lol). That feeling when arriving at the store and seeing hoverboard being displayed. Ohmygod. It was awesome. The owner of shop also taught me to ride. Took me less than 10 minutes to ride by myself without her help. It's like warm fuzzy feeling. Nervous and excited at the same time. But so unfortunately this one already sold out to another customer so I have to wait around a week to get mine.

After waiting patiently for almost 7 days.

I chose 10 inch version because it can eliminate the bumps and spin outs that plague the smaller wheel hoverboard versions. This hoverboard is great for grass, gravel and dirt trails. And of course it still works on pavement and other smooth surfaces but with an easier to balance ride and more comfort.

Max Speed up to 13km/h
Ground Clearance 60 mm
10 inches tire size (Big Wheel)
Motor Power 350 W
Mileage around up to 20km
Max climbing around 15 degree
Lithium-ion batery 36v 4.4AH
Max load up to 100kg
Charging Voltage AC220V50 to 60HZ
Fully charged within 120 minutes
2 Year Warranty *

My nephew riding hoverboard.

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