Saturday, May 30, 2009

Amikom Speech Contest 2009

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful
Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Good Morning

The honourable Adjudicators
Ladies and gentlement,

First of all I’d like to introduce my self My name is Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi. I’m from Bachelor Degree in Information Technology at 4th semester in class A.
Allow me to commence this occasion by saying that it is a great honour for me to have an opportunity to deliver a speech before the intellectual community of audience. And I’d like to thank “Amikom English Club” for such moment. The title of my speech is “ Information Technology makes Education so simple and flexible”.

Information Technology is part of technology for arranging, manipulating, organizing and processing data in many kinds of way to get some information  which is accurate, relevant   and   just in time. Information Technology have a dominant sector in the world that used to support establishment in business, education, privacy, government and also to make decisions. This technology consist of   computers for organizing data and networking system to connecting all over computers in the world

Growth of Information technology can improve performance and enable various activity can be executed swiftly, precisely and accurate, so that finally will improve productivity. Growth of Information Technology show the popping out of various activity type being based on this technology, like e-commerce, e- education, e-government, e-medicine, e-laboratory and other, which is that all things have electronics based.

The main point I’m going to make concerns that Information Technology gives us a lot useful especially in education. In the wonderful computer age, globalization can improve transition from conventional education to flexible education. For example, in France, there is “FLEXIBLE LEARNING”. It’s remind us, in beginning of 1970, Ivan Illich found that education in the future , extremely, the teacher will not teach students in class like we are doing now, but education will determined by networking system, that will allowed us to have interaction and collaboration with our lecture closely, not school buildings. Education in the future, will be open source, easily access, more discipline, and also enhance productivity for  the student itself.

Tendency  of Indonesian education in the future:
  1. Education development by long distance learning. It’s makes student easier to take education in long distance.
  2. Library and instrument of education (like teachers and laboratory) have a change function become information source more than stack of books in the cupboard.
  3. Using Interactive Information Technology devices, like Multimedia CD ROM to replaced TV and video.
I wish it’s it will be happen in Indonesia..

In concluding, I would like to say: Information Technology had produced the role of innovations in the globalization and given our education become increasingly more simple and flexible. So,my suggest,we have to be wise about Growth of Information technology, because using and advance technology it’s our duty, as a student.
I think that’s it enough. I beg your pardon if I make any mistakes. Thank you very much.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Intel, Processors Environmentally Friendly

    Intel Corp.. developing a new microprocessor technology with Hi-K materials, ie materials with high dielectric constant values, and free Pb (lead). Meeting representing the dielectric constant of electrostatic flux in a material when given electric potential. Dielectric constant is a parameter in a variety of electronic devices, especially transistors. The higher the K value of the capacity of the larger transistor. So when is off, the current still came out very little while when you're on, the flow comes out very large. Therefore, the Hi-K material then the processor performance will improve. 

   Then the lead. Lead has long been used in the manufacture of the processor as an alloy in Soldering process. But the lead is one of the heavy metals and hazardous materials that can harm human and environmental damage. Therefore the use of lead should not happen, so to look for solutions to overcome the problems of lead. Research Intel Corp.. find a replacement lead, the tin - silver - copper solder (lead free). The benefits of these materials is leburnya points higher than lead, which is 220oC, the value of increased strength, and also environmentally friendly. Therefore, the Pb-free this can improve the performance of a processor and also friendly to the environment. Remembering the ultimate goal of technology, namely to save life on earth, not shorten the life of the earth. 

Muhammad hilmy Alfaruqi 
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